Pets and Kids Safety Tips

Following these pet and kids, safety tips is essential for any family before running out to the pet store to buy a dog or cat. These tips can help you to keep your kids safe and comfortable around your dog, cat or other types of animal.

Tips For Dogs:

Most dogs can become aggressive if they sense that someone is interfering with their food. Make sure your children understand that they should not touch the dog’s bowl or play with the dog while it is eating.

You probably want your dog to be as well behaved as possible, and a positive addition to the family and one way to ensure this is to enroll him in a dog obedience course. A dog is far more likely to want to interact with your children and with the rest of the family if it has taken part in a dog obedience class and has been taught the basic commands.

You can calm down an excitable or disruptive dog by having it neutered or spayed, and this should be carried out when it is about five or six months old.

Tips For Cats:

If you have a cat for a pet and kids are likely to be around the cat, it’s just as important that children know there are certain ways to behave around the cat. A cat may scratch or bite if it is wagging its tail quickly, a sure sign of being agitated or threatened. The affected area should be cleaned well with soapy water and rinsed for about a minute afterward, in the event of a cat scratch.

Show young children how to safely and appropriately pet your cat, rather than risk hurting the animal by picking it up and dropping it. Another important point when it comes to cat safety is that it is possible to become sick from handling cat droppings; for that reason never let a young child clean the litter box.

Other Types of Pets:

If your choice of pet is a bird, reptile or fish, you should not allow or encourage your children to hold them. Many kids are given a fish as their first pet, as fish typically don’t need a lot of attention or care. However, if you feel your children are capable of safely cleaning the fish tank and feeding the fish, you can assign these tasks to them after showing them clearly how to do it.

The tips above can help if you are planning to acquire a family pet, and kids should be made aware of the rules that apply to a particular type of animal. Regardless of the type of pet you choose to bring home and introduce to the family, it can be an exciting moment in a child’s life, and it’s important that the process is enjoyable for your children and the pet.