Best Parental Control Apps 2017

ParentalProtecting your children where it matters most

With the introduction of the internet, smartphones, and tablets, our children are in more danger than ever before – perhaps not physically, but psychologically. It’s incredibly easy for a youngster to stumble onto a website they ought not to – even the pop-up ads on some games are quite risqué – and simply “looking away” is far easier said than done, even for adults.

Kids and teens with uncensored phone and internet usage are extremely vulnerable. Here’s why you should be monitoring their activities to some degree and why.

The Risks

Cyber-bullying – A big problem in schools these days, as it’s far easier to hide from parents and teachers than physical or verbal abuse in the schoolyard. Many youngsters try to deal with it on their own, as going to an adult is often considered a sign of weakness or ‘snitching’.

Chat rooms – Particularly online chat rooms that don’t keep a history. In all honesty, you have no idea who you’re really talking to. They are often a forum for cyberbullying and an easy way for older teens or adults to take advantage of your youngster’s naiveté.

Dodgy websites – are a lot easier than you’d think to stumble across. If your 12-year-old streams anime online, chances are several of the pop-up ads are porn sites.

Apps and games – Instagram, Facebook and others have age restrictions for a reason. Even the games your child plays could be messing with their head, violent or first-person shooter games should be a no-no.

Reducing the risks

Have an open and honest relationship with your kids. Make sure they know they can come to you with any worries or problems they might have – from bullying to pictures that made them feel funny.

Install a parental control app on the phone or tablet they use. In this way, you can monitor their internet, chat and game activities and block sites and games you deem inappropriate.

Parental control apps for iPhone

Apple has its own parental controls and allows you to install other parental control apps which let you limit your kids’ screen time, monitor their activities and track their movements via GPS through a single platform. This means you know where your kids are and what they’re doing at all times.

iPhone Parental Control App Reviews

PC Mag and Top Ten Reviews have both reviewed several parental control apps based on cost, effectiveness, and capabilities. It’s a good idea to know exactly what you require from a parental control app so that the one you buy is sure to fulfil your criteria.

Remember that depending on their age, your kids won’t always understand why certain games or websites are inappropriate, so we as parents need to tell them. If your child is struggling with anything that you fell ill equipped to deal with, seek professional help, it doesn’t reflect badly on you as a parent and may be the best thing for your child.