3 Kitchen hacks to destress your cooking

Frying Pan Pasta

Pasta is a kitchen staple across the world, the possibilities are absolutely endless and it is one of the easiest dishes to cook. But can it be made easier?

Cook your pasta in a frying pan!

Start with cold water (very important), and add just enough to cover the pasta in the bottom of the frying pan. Add a little salt and turn the pan to a low heat.

Give the pasta a good stir as you bring it to the boil, and leave for a couple of minutes (until its cooked). Then drain the water (but keep it for your sauce) and remove the pasta. Easy!

Speed Ripen Avocado

Avocado has become one of the most popular fruits in the western world, due to its delicious flavour, versatile uses and health benefits. However, they are only so delicious when fully ripe. When  you try to use them prematurely, they can be one of the most frustrating and disappointing fruits in the world.

This simple hack will change your life forever, and all you need is clingfilm.

Place the two halves of your cut, unripe avocado in clingfilm, and place into the oven at 90 degrees celcius for ten minutes. This will hugely increase the speed of their ethylene gas production – and because they’re wrapped in clingfilm they will then be surrounded by their own gas.

Once done, transfer to the fridge to cool for a further 10 minutes and hey presto, ripe avocadoes!

Save food, save space

Food Storage is always a problem, especially if you live in a city and space is at a premium. One way to remedy this situation is by using collapsible Tupperware. The ability to stack your Tupperware flat halfway through use is invaluable – but what is even more ingenius is the ability to slow flatten your Tupperware as your remove food from the pot.

With collapsible Tupperware made of silicon, you can remove portions of food from containers and squeeze down the Tupperware to fit the size of the remaining portion. This means that you will never take up more space than you need to.

There you go, 3 wonderfully easy kitchen hacks to free up your space and time. No kitchen is too small, no pasta takes too long to cook and no avocado is too unripe!

What are your favourite kitchen hacks? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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