Kids Won’t Want to Leave: Maryland Fits the Bill for Families

If you’re deciding on the location for your next family vacation, have you considered Maryland? This is a fantastic destination for family vacations because there is so much to see and do.

Here are some of the highlights of a trip to Maryland so you can start planning your vacation.

St. Mary’s City

There’s a lot to do in Maryland. St. Mary’s City is one of the first places you should visit. This is the spot where the state was founded and the settlers first arrived to form the colony.

You can see the Maryland Dove replica in the dock, which is a fascinating historic attraction where you can find out all about life in the early days of Maryland for the colonists.

Assateague Island

Head to the coast and take a trip out to Assateague Island to find lovely beaches and go on peaceful walks while you enjoy being surrounded by nature. The wild horses are the highlight, which you will find everywhere, and the kids will love them.

Ocean City

Near to Assateague Island, you will find Ocean City, which is one of the top destinations for families in Maryland. It’s on the Atlantic coast, and you will be able to enjoy lots of fun rides and activities like fishing and surfing. All in all, it’s a great place for a few days of fun.

Carroll County Farm Museum

The Carroll County Farm Museum located north of Washington in Westminster is easy to reach if you’re staying in the north of Washington, perhaps somewhere like the Marriott Washingtonian Center. Here you will be able to journey back in time.

This museum dates back to 1852, and the rooms are filled with antiques so it looks just like a farmhouse in the 19th century. You can even watch blacksmith demonstrations outside, and the Maryland Wine Festival is held here in September each year.

Parkers Creek Preserve

Get back to nature at Parkers Creek Preserve. Here you can travel by canoe or go walking, and you can explore the forests and the wetlands and enjoy stunning views of valleys.

Deep Creek Lake

Visit Maryland’s largest lake and enjoy some watersports, including boating. Fishing is also very popular here. Alternatively, just relax and take in the sights.

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park is well known for having been an important trading canal, but it has now been turned into a park where you will find miles upon miles of beautiful parkland.

Other Things to See

There is so much else to see and do in Maryland that you can easily spend your entire vacation here and not see it all:

Have a Fun Family Break in Maryland

Maryland is a fantastic destination for a family vacation, and the above highlights are just a few of the great things to see and do here. So start planning your trip to Maryland, find your ideal hotel, and look forward to having a great time with your family.

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