Interesting Food Festival Celebrations Around the World

Festivals are common in all parts of the world. People around the world celebrate different festivals at different times. The nature of the festival varies from country to country based on the culture and nature of the people.  The reason for celebrating festivals is to share love and affection with others. Generally, in a festival more numbers of people gather and share their happiness. It will bring happiness to the people. There are different modes of festivals are celebrated around the world like religious festivals, color festivals, beer festivals etc.

One of the popular and famous types of festival that is celebrated in most parts of the world is the food festival. People living in different parts of the world celebrate different food festivals. In these food festivals, the major concentration is among the foods. One can taste different foods in such food festivals.

Food festivals around the world

Let us see some of the major and interesting food festivals around the world

Mid-Autumn Festival

This is a famous food festival in China. This festival is also called as Mooncake festival which is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth moon in the Chinese calendar. People gather and celebrate the year’s harvest in this festival. During this festival, people made sweet moon cakes from lotus paste with egg yolk and eaten this cake. This is a grand food festival that is celebrated in Asia including Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Pahiyas Festival

This festival is celebrated in Philippines in every May. This festival is celebrated to give thanks to Saint Isidro de Labrador the saint of farmers. People involve in competition to decorate their neighbor’s home in colorful produce. Common decorations include fruits and vegetables strung together into garlands, strings of local sausages called loganiza and kiping, a mixture of ground rice flour that’s dyed bright and steamed on banana leaves


This is the festival of Pizzas celebrated in the birth place of Pizza, the Italy. This is a four-day celebration where people watch live skills of pizza masters, enjoy live music and performances. In this festival, people taste many different varieties of pizza.

Food and Wine Festival Melbourne

Number of wine and food lovers move down on Melbourne to take this festival every year. This is a 10-day celebration of food where people enjoy multi-course foods and take workshops led by world famous chefs. This festival has a longest lunch which is the signature event of this festival. After the lunch, people enjoy music, dance performances, and fireworks. People buy sparklers wholesale and fire these at the night.

La Tomatina

This is a world famous festival celebrated in Spain. Every year in the month of August, people from different parts of the world gather at Spain and takes part in this world’s biggest food fight. Participants flung ripe tomatoes at each other and literally paint the town red in this festival. This festival is taken by more and more numbers of people every year and this tomato-throwing event gives joy to the participants. This event was officially declared as a festival and celebrated every year.

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