10 Important Safety Tips to Celebrate Upcoming Festival Seasons

The festival season is filled with happiness and joy. Everyone is ready to celebrate the upcoming festivals like Diwali, Pongal, and many interesting festivals. The children are very eagerly waiting for those holidays to celebrate this festival in a grand manner.

The festival of lights is getting closer and in most areas, the celebrations are even started now itself. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India and they celebrate with great excitement and spirit. Diwali is a festival that signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair.

So, it’s time to see the safety measures before the celebration. We need to celebrate it minimal environmental consequences. There are some dangerous fireworks which make loud noises and blinding flashes and it gives anxiety attacks to animals and birds.

Many children are even wounded by bursting low-quality crackers. Even some low-quality fireworks will pollute the air and it gives respiratory problems as well. For safe celebrations, you can buy online sparklers which are available in different colors and sizes.

Celebrate this Diwali by bursting sparklers in the terrace or in open ground and spend time with your friends and family. You can also use eco-friendly crackers that are made from recycled paper. it seems everyone is in a hurry trying to wrap up their shopping and enjoy festive celebrations.

The attire is very important during celebrations. Don’t wear dresses which catch fire easily. Also, wear slipper or shoes while bursting crackers to safeguard yourself from major infections. You must wash your hands once you busted all crackers. The chemicals used in crackers is highly toxic and it is very dangerous for our health.

It’s important to keep road safety in mind while driving the vehicle. Don’t drink and drive during festival season and we need to be more careful while driving the car in the smokes during Diwali festival. Also, don’t drive the car in late night during festival seasons. You may rush up to the home in festival holidays and it tempts you to increase the speed of the vehicle that leads to an accident.

There are more emergency vehicles will be on the road during the festival season. Kindly give way to those vehicles and allow the vehicle to pass off. Also, it is mandatory to wear the seat belt while driving your vehicle. Carry an emergency kit with you always and ensure your safety precautions. This will help you at the time of emergency if you involved in any accident.

Don’t break the road rules and drive within speed limits as instructed in several areas at all times. Park and lock your car in a secure manner by keeping valuable things like mobile phone, wallets inside the car. Keep your indicators and headlamps clean and working and carry spare bulbs in the glove box at the time of travel.

Before using read the instructions and follow all safety precautions instructed with regard to the use of fireworks. While lighting the crackers, stand at an arm’s length, away from the Crackers.

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