Islamic Tips for Sexual Intimacy

This article lists some Islamic tips for married couples that would help them in their sex life. We are listing these etiquettes and giving a brief explanation, so if you want detailed info, then please do additional research concerning the issue.

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  1. Making sure about privacy

The first important issue to keep in mind is that the husband and wife need to be in a separate space, with doors closed and all windows shut so nobody can view them. It’s necessary that this is given high importance because it’s a sin to expose one’s nakedness to anybody apart from your life partner.

  1. Looking Beautiful

Wearing nice clothes, smelling fine, being sterile, have great breath, eliminating your pubic hair, sporting jewelry or whatever else that amuses your partner privately. The norm is that the husband anticipates that his wife adorns herself for him, but he does not beautify himself and look nice for his spouse. The spouses together should work hard to look nice for one another.

There is a difference in fashion and beautification. There is a rising trend of hijab fashion these days, but that is a debatable issue. If a woman wears a fashionable abaya and goes out in public, then that is not allowed because that would attract non mahram men. But using fashion inside your home to please your husband is recommended in Islam. Beautification raises the love, and it is a Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) to be clean and smell pleasant.

  1. Importance of Foreplay

It isn’t just a fantastic means to have an exciting time with your partner, but it allows for the two parties to participate and enjoy sex. Foreplay is touching, kissing, fondling, caressing and playing with one another. Foreplay radically increases the joy for both the wife and husband. It is also important because it increases the chances for orgasm of the wife, and it encourages the husband towards intercourse which is also an Islamic right of a Muslim wife.

Oral sex is a significant question which comes up in this matter of foreplay, and there are numerous remarks concerning the issue. The vast majority opinion is that it’s permissible because there’s absolutely no explicit prohibition from it as it was not the practice of these folks at the moment. Few things to keep in mind is that madhi (the liquid chemical that’s very clear and appears through stimulation) is impure hence using the touch of the together with all the mouth is impermissible according to a lot of scholars while mani (semen) is pure but a woman isn’t permitted to swallow it.

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  1. Becoming Completely Naked

Many Muslims out there think that you can’t be nude before your partner. This perception is baseless, and you’re permitted to be nude in front of one another. There’s even evidence that it is not only permitted at the time of sex but permitted at other occasions also in front of one another. Our Prophet (PBUH) and Aisha (RA) bathed together, and they both looked at each other. But one thing needs to be ensured that it does not violate the privacy of the couple.

  1. Using Various Positions

Using different positions for sexual intercourse is allowed so long as the guy enters the correct place i.e. the vagina. Entering through the anus (anal sex) is a significant sin and is strictly prohibited.

  1. Intimacy During Menses

It isn’t permissible to have intercourse with your wife during her menses, but having intimacy in other ways is permitted. That means you can do everything that pleases you except for intercourse during menses till she’s taken her ghusl that cleans her from impurity after the menses.

  1. Taking a bath to clean major impurity

Cleansing oneself following intercourse is important and crucial to finish major impurity. The husband and wife can even take a shower together, and that’s permissible.