Six ways in which children can benefit from playing netball

Netball is a sport with lots of benefits, from health and fitness gains to the confidence boost sport provides and the teamwork skills developed. Children can develop lots of great life skills from playing netball. Read on to learn six ways children can benefit from playing netball.

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Physical Fitness

Children will improve their fitness levels by playing sports. This is especially important today, when childhood obesity is such a problem with overweight children storing up health issues for the future. Playing netball means running back and forth across the 100-metre court for the duration of the game, which will improve cardio fitness.


Playing sport improves children’s confidence levels. As they get better at the sport, they feel better about themselves. A good sports performance can be especially useful for children who are not very academic or who might not shine in other areas. In addition, becoming physically fitter will improve their mood and body image, and increased confidence will follow.

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Team Work

Children can develop good teamwork skills from playing netball. This is because netball is a team game. No position is allowed to go in all areas of the court, so players must work in a team to score goals and to attack and defend. Watching a netball drill training video, such as those available at, can help children learn the rules of netball and develop their skills.


Playing netball requires lots of sudden starts and changes of direction. This improves physical agility, while throwing and catching the ball with accuracy also improves coordination. Throws include bounce passes, chest passes, high passes and shots with lots of blocks and marking of opponents, so there is plenty of challenge to coordination and agility.


Netball is a flexible game to play because it does not require any expensive equipment. You just need two goals at each end of a playing area and a ball to have a game of netball, while practicing all the skills of netball only requires a ball. Clothing can be anything for practice sessions, as long as children have supportive trainers.


Children playing a sport can build stronger friendships and develop respect for their opponents. They can also gain awareness of all aspects of competition and winning and losing, which will help them later in life.


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