Traveling with Tots: Activities to Keep Both of Baby Happy and Parents Calm

Having an unhappy, crying baby in the car can be a major distraction and can seriously impair your driving. Apart from the stress you experience when your baby is upset, accidents can also be caused when you are handing them things, turning to look at them or playing loud music to sooth them.

If you’re taking a road trip with your family in your Chrysler Pacifica or similar vehicle, and it’s a long journey, you’ll need some activities to keep your baby occupied, so you can stay calm and concentrate on your driving. Here are some ideas.

Play some tunes: Playing music in the back of the vehicle will calm your baby and not distract you while you’re driving. Whether your child prefers to listen to nursery rhymes or the latest pop music, having a good selection with you on a long trip will help to keep her stimulated.

Supply some toys: This can be tricky, especially if there’s no one sitting in the back with baby. If she drops her toys and cannot reach them, she may quickly become irate. If you can’t pull over, it could be almost impossible to placate her. One way you can get around this is by attaching toys to the car seat with ribbons, or installing a car seat activity center. Make sure all toys are securely attached so that a sudden stop won’t harm her.

Bring plenty of extras: Think of all the things your baby needs such as drinks, diapers, wet wipes, clean clothes, and washcloths and bring an extra supply of all of them. You just never know when a two hour trip can turn out to be several hours longer than you expected.

Make frequent stops: Stop as often as you can to give yourself and your baby some time out of the car. Put a blanket down and let her crawl around and play. It will also help if you do your longer stretches of driving while she’s sleeping.

Have someone sit in the back: If you’re not the driver, sitting in the back with your baby can make all the difference. If she can see your face when you’re singing and talking to her, she will be much happier and easier to entertain even when there are many miles to cover.

Split driving duties: If you’re traveling with your partner it’s a good idea to split driving and entertainment duties. That way the driver won’t get sleepy at the wheel and baby will have fun with both mom and dad.

Be entertaining: You can entertain your baby by reading stories aloud and singing songs. If you are the only driver, make use of kid’s audio books or videos if you have a DVD player in the car.

Taking along these activities can make your road trip more pleasant and safer for you and your baby. Enjoy your ride!

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