Technology as a learning aid General 

Technology as a learning aid

From a very young age children invariably want what they can’t have. Their curiosity leads them to look outside of their own toys to things that their older siblings or parents have. The shinier the better as well. We are forever telling the children not to touch that or to give something back. It’s not naughtiness it’s just an enthusiasm to learn about all that is going on around them. Children always head for the things they can’t have One of the things that kids always seem to make a…

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Bowen Therapy Parent 

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy itself is only about 60 years old but the principle behind it has been around for centuries. The technique used in Bowen therapy was created by Tom Bowen who was considered to be a gifted spiritual healer. He was born with the natural ability to feel and sense vibrations in the nerves, muscles and soft tissues through his fingers and sense of touch. He created the Bowen therapy so that he could help relieve all kinds of pain in others with physical ailments. This gentle therapy has been…

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Enjoy Some Hard-Earned Rest Health 

Enjoy Some Hard-Earned Rest

You love your toddler more than anything else, but the time has come for you to begin work again. For households with two working parents, it might be difficult to make a decision about sending your toddler to a nursery, especially true for first-time parents sending their little bundle of joy off for the first time. Although it might be hard to admit, you earned the right to go back to work, and your child will adore their time in the nursery. If your child is under the age of…

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How to Find the Best Android and IOS Number Apps for Children General 

How to Find the Best Android and IOS Number Apps for Children

Recently we tried to navigate through the millions of educational number apps for children, looking for the best children’s math apps in the android and IOS store. The result? Total and utter frustration. If you’re the parent of a toddler surely you’ve had many a neck cramp trying to click through to find the best children’s number apps for your toddler. Messier than our laundry room after vacation. Just before launching our undeserving laptop across the room, we had the brilliant idea to ask the teacher of our preschoolers if…

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Should a Pregnant Woman Be Allowed to Drive? Health 

Should a Pregnant Woman Be Allowed to Drive?

There are many things that pregnant women are advised not to do. They should not drink, they should stay out of hot tubs, and they should not smoke. But what about driving? Does pregnancy affect driving, is it a form of distracted driving, and should pregnant women be allowed to drive? Here is some information you may find interesting if you or your partner are expecting a baby. Pregnant Women Should Stretch More Often When Driving Prolonged Periods of Time There are many changes that happen to the body during…

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A Look at The Cost of Education for Children in Europe Parent 

A Look at The Cost of Education for Children in Europe

We all know that having a child is expensive but do you know how much it costs just to put your child through the education system? Ensuring that a child gets a good education should be high on the priority list for any parent but it is important to understand the costs that are involved in educating your child. From primary school right up to university, it all costs money and the more children you have; the more money it will cost. Recent research shows that the cost of educating…

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Fostering Children As An Experienced Parent Parent 

Fostering Children As An Experienced Parent

Fostering children is an exciting step for many people. There are numerous reasons why both couples and single adults decide to take on the challenge of raising other children. One of the main reasons is that parents may have seen their own children grow up and move away from the family home. These parents will feel that they have all the skills necessary to take care of new foster children in their care. Nexus Fostering in Birminghamallows people to realise their dreams of fostering children and guides people along every…

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Keeping Your Kids Safe on Their Cell Phones Baby 

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Their Cell Phones

Parents today have it much tougher than ever before if they want to keep their kids safe. There are dangers threatening children today that come from every corner. One of the most important new areas where parents need to be concerned is with their kids’ cell phone usage. There are sexual predators, bullies and lots of other threats to kids’ safety when they use their phones. Here are some tips parents can use to ensure their children stay safe when using their phones. Wait Until Your Kids Are Old Enough…

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Canada’s Safest Trampoline is Available Online Health 

Canada’s Safest Trampoline is Available Online

Trampolines are indeed a lot of fun for children, but they can sometimes be more than a bit worrying to parents. If your child is currently pressing you to invest in a trampoline for him or her, you have to do plenty of research beforehand. Buying a trampoline for a child should never be a quick and impulsive decision. If you want to buy a trampoline that’s appropriate and safe for your youngster, you should look for one that follows industry-leading safety precautions. There are many different components that can help…

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Preparing Your Baby for a Formal Event Baby 

Preparing Your Baby for a Formal Event

Attending a formal event with your baby can present a number of challenges – especially if you go into it unprepared. Fortunately, devoting a little bit of time to planning can make a world of difference. When taking your baby to a birthday party, family gathering or wedding, you can never be too prepared. Some forethought on your part can ultimately mean the difference between a disastrous baby outing and an enjoyable one. Parents who want their baby’s first formal event to go off without a hitch are urged to…

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